The 12 Days of Christmas Giving

The Twelve Days of Christmas Giving

Thank you Over The Mountain Journal readers and Mom’s Group for stopping in.

Cozy up by the fire for a live reading by my daughter of The 12 Days of Christmas Giving.

CLICK HERE FOR LIVE READING- see Video and click play

This reading is in the original version.

The book has been changed into a Southern Scribblings Coloring Edition

with the story re-written as “The Twelve Days Before Christmas” so you and your family can enjoy the meaning of giving in the days leading up to our favorite day, Christmas Eve, where we enjoy the meaning of the spirit if CHRISTmas.

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The 12 Days of Christmas Giving

The 12 Days of Christmas Giving

Join us this Friday for OPEN HOUSE at Makers Market in Tuscaloosa 401 22nd Avenue

I will be signing the book and reading from The 12 Days of Christmas Giving between 5-7.

You can order the book FOR KINDLE and begin reading today~ setting traditions of giving sure to remind us of the reason for CHRISTmas.

Create Every Day _ Love in the Lunchbox

A personal note on a cut out photo from a magazine is all it takes to add cheer to a lunchbox!

A personal note on a cut out photo from a magazine is all it takes to add cheer to a lunchbox!Create Every Day _ love in the lunchbox

This morning I was out of the “lunchbox quotes” I started putting in my daughter’s lunchbox at the beginning of the
school year.

Friday~ I was down to a tiny yellow stickie that read:
“Have a blessed day~ I heart you. MOM”
which my daughter stuck on my forehead when she got
home from school. There WAS a slight smile there
beyond the bold thumb to the head.

Today~ I cut a picture from a magazine~
A little girl reading a book…

Today the fine print reads (in sharpie)
“Have a Magical Monday Ann Kat (heart)

It’s the little things we do…
and that we start…
that tend to become traditions even when we
didn’t intend them 🙂

Happy Monday!