The challenge is to use everything in the Pantry

The challenge is to use everything in the pantry by creating meals to lessen the packing load~

How many cans of veggies are tucked away for a rainy day? TWO LESS at my house~ family size.

The crescent rolls became a mosaic of crusty cover of chicken (frozen), which I cooked, chopped and mixed in with the plain veggies and the seasoned vidalia onion butter beans MADE the filling, topped with some cream of chicken soup, a bit of sour cream, mayo and a spoonful of creme cheese.

I don’t measure, and if I have to re-create this exactly, it won’t be happening. It is happYmess cooking. No measuring, just creating.

If I had planned it, I would use veggies and herbs from the garden, fresh bought chicken, and perhaps a different topping although this was enough dough to actually sculpt a little butterfly on top.

Sharing the finished product in the next post!

GET creative in the kitchen and see what comes up!

I will say I cooked too much chicken, so made chicken salad, and then, with a full pot of boiling water after I cooked the chicken…I tossed in a few eggs….and made DEVILED EGGS.

Yeah, that is a definite happYmess in the kitchen!

Play in the DOUGH

doesn’t ALWAYS have to be about PAINTING
Get out your crescent rolls and play in them!
(hot dog inside makes it even yummier with a dab of mustard!)
Make the kids smile at a crocodile!
How do I know it is indeed a croc?
I don’t! Who cares!
But I know the kids were smiling!