Water for Life

 The lake outside my window has taken on a whole new life. Mother nature has dumped gallons of water across the Southeast, making us all take notice of the power of water.

Here on the lake, not only is the beauty, the million dollar homes, the leisurely lifestyles and the fishermen who flock here the focus, but so is the quality of the water and the love for nature shown by those who will gather in the next weeks to clean her shores.

Water brings with it the gift of life. The stored treasure beyond my yard fuels our children, quenches Tuscaloosa athletes, bathes us as we prepare for each day. It flows freely from the lake to filtering systems to our faucets. We work to conquer our little empires, meet our goals, and work to afford vacations to other waterfronts across the world.

As we gathered over burgers on the back porch, the value of that water we take for granted took on new meaning. I learned of groups from local churches venturing to Haiti and the Dominican Republic 6-8 times a year, carrying water filters into the hillsides where families with million dollar views live in three dollar shacks with no clean water. Each year 3.4 million people die from water related illnesses, almost the number for the entire city of Los Angeles.

A group there worked with Church of the Highlands to hike into the jungle, going door to door in Voodoo country taking 600 free filters to families.  Volunteers visit each home, placing water filled with mud into the filters and and out comes water that the team drinks in front of them.

On a particular trip, a mother had recently passed after giving birth. Four other children remained with a father, who was terminally ill. The team took him to the hospital for treatment and has arranged for the children to be taken care of.
“The needs are so great,” a local participant said. “We cannot do it all, we know that. But it is like those starfish that you throw in the ocean. Some of them DO make it back. We return as often as we can to find those starfish.”
There are teams working on adding space in their building there to take in children who are orphaned and have nowhere to go. They also are sponsoring children for school. Education is the key to their escaping this life.

I recently met a sweet girl who ran the Mini Cooper tour business there. Twenty four, bright, educated, but unable to ever leave the country. We offered to host her here. She now has a baby and will probably never leave.
As I stand on the hillside and look out across the Caribbean beauty on a recent vacation with my family, it is hard to express what hides among the hills with the best views.

It is this groups goal to find each one and bring them the fountain of life that we here in America expect to simply drip from our faucet, straight from our freshwater lakes.

I!f you are interested in learning how to get involved, contact info@filterofhope.com or visit your local church to find a trip you can be a part of!  www.churchofthehighlands.com has a number of ministries across the world for you or your child.

Dock of the Lake by Allison Adams

Dock of the Lake by Allison Adams



artists of the month of MARCH at ROJO Birmingham

Please join us on Thursday, March 7 at 6 PM at 
for the exhibition kickoff for the show entitled


which will feature vibrant artwork on canvas by 
Allison Puccetti Adams  
Kristin Drew Vickers   
20% of all artwork sales during the entire month will go to The Heart Gallery of Alabama
which focuses on highlighting the nearly 300 children yearning for adoption across Alabama.
Enjoy live music performed from 6-8 by Brent and Shelton McCollough

Prints will be available of the entitled work, “Embrace for Life” by Allison Adams
for $30.00 to benefit THE HEART GALLERY OF ALABAMA. (60% of price goes directly to the Heart Gallery)
Come out and enjoy good fun, purchase some ART WITH HEART or just learn more about THE HEART GALLERY.

Register for a free painting to be given away!

If you are a family who has been changed by adoption we would LOVE to have you share your story.  At around 8 PM we will open the mic to individuals who want to share their HEARTS.
we will announce some free giveaways between now and the end of march
For more information contact Allison Adams at 205-914-2400 or visit www.allisonpadams.com
We hope you will spread the love and share this message with friends and family~
Visit the HEART GALLERY WEBSITE to see actual photos of the children awaiting families 
like yours, to find where their next exhibit of photographs will be located or to donate directly.