A Daily Journal Page for YOU

As we find ourselves social distancing, the days tend to blend together.

The best way to conquer our minds is to keep them in motion. Even if we can’t move around much, we can take time to be intentional about the day.

I created these a few years ago in Southern Scribblings and this past week decided to bring them back out of the vault.

While we have more time we can be more mindful of what we actually did and appreciate the things we can’t do right now.

I use the list of activities on lower right to tally where I spent my time and highlight areas I want to do more of in order to have a more balanced day.

Imagine the days when we are rushing to the office, chasing our tails in circles and just trying to get through the day.


Feel free to print them out or check out the book format in the link below.



ORDER a copy of the book OR look at it for free (see preview) with other pages that might be useful.

Or feel free to write me and I will send you a free pdf.