The Realtor Life

I like to save this site for my creative things.

This morning, I painted with a friend. Inspired by photos she took in her yard.

I wrote for an hour before she got her. Sifted through memories of my childhood, sparked by the article in here about the jar of trinkets I save, and now have forgotten where it is in our new house. I am assuming it is somewhere in a box with books I can’t fit in the mile of cabinets in my art studio.

I may be a hoarder- but only of memories.

I don’t even care if someone acknowledges it. I am the one at the reunion who can remember how every home smelled, what kind of car they drove, what we ate on the night that whatever came up in conversation was.

I loved my past, even the bad parts.

So this morning I wrote, unbridled, letting memories spawn from each other. And now I am at page 10. Not sure what I am going to do with it  but feeling very refreshed.

So what does this have to do with the title? The Realtor Life?

Yesterday I posted an article written by Enman on my Facebook page. It was about what it is really like to be a REALTOR with all of the warnings about why you shouldn’t become one.

I can see the point of some of them, rude clients, unloyal people, “lunatics” (yes I think it actually was that harsh), dangers, the money it costs to be successful as advertising is king in this business, the unproductivity, envy, the thousands of homes you have to go in before they pick the right one?

I have to say my experience has been a blessed one.

And journaling this morning I felt relieved. I look back at all of my journals over the years. All the dreams, the wishes, the prayers, coming together now in my life. Some of them began thirty years in the making when I dreamed of what I might do when I was nineteen and just starting out.

God continues to bring me blessings, to open doors and introduce me to Godly people that I can help. Every person I have come in contact with in this business has been a blessing or a lesson teacher. I am so thankful that as 2017 rounds out, that I am able to help people find their dream homes or sell their home to move to something different.

I can’t explain how the corner was turned, because if you had told me after I had my own real estate company in Gulf Shores in 2000 that I would do it again and enjoy it, I would say you are crazy.

But life is not ours to plan. We have to just be open to the timing that is set by things beyond us.

Today I wrote, painted (I haven’t had a break in more than 6 weeks with real estate) and then today finalized one of three contracts I have been working on this week.

Real Estate has NO schedule. It has a life of its own. You have to learn to adjust, to be patient, to hurry, sometimes all at the same time. You have to be glued to your phone, your computer, you have to help be a soundboard when people are dealing with pressure and celebrate joy when they have a victory.

Creativity is so vital in this business. As is flexibility. And organization. And planning, and calendars and scheduling. All a beautiful juggling match of appeasing and making things happen for those you serve.

I don’t know what 2018 will bring, but I am ready for it. And still soaking in the tasks at hand in 2017.

20% make 80% of the sales, and are at the events and volunteer for the causes.

So unless you are giving 110%, just know Real Estate is not a “side job”. I thought that for years and when my kids were babies, it was and I spent more than I made.

But if it is your focus, you can do well. If you have any questions about it, I’d love to chat.

Blessings in 2018 for a balanced life! Because that is the goal for us all. To enjoy life as well as do well in it so we can nurture our gifts, be filled each day with joy (yes it says EACH DAY..always with joy even in the hard times), and have enough to give and serve.

This is how I learn to understand the dry weeks and appreciate the bounty when it comes. God has a plan for us all. When HE is the focus, it all comes with grace.

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