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Today I have been planning, drawing, dreaming and just letting the creative juices flow.

I love a new journal.

This one I created so I could start each day with a verse,

record the thoughts of my “daily journaling pages”,

and plan for a balanced day that includes body, mind, work, family, spirit and creativity in my planning.

Some days I meet them all, some days I don’t,

but each day I vow to add balance.

I am inspired today by two CHALLENGES

#30paintingsin30days! by @lesliesaeta

Artists from around the world are posting a painting a day

for 30 days

AND to get inspired for that,

I decided to not go closed minded, and will start with

Journaling prompts from #LisaSonora

@lisasonora with her FIRE 30 DAY JOURNAL Challenge 

Taking only 20 minutes a day to journal, reflect, plan,

leaves my mind open for creativity throughout the day.

As @juliacameron suggests 15 minutes a day of unbridled thought in the wee hours to get the cobwebs out, I have found it to be true on the days I followed through.

Here’s to BEGINNINGS in 2016!

Allison Adams

“There is no beginning too small!”

Henry David Thoreau