Ten iPhone Apps I love~ 

It is 2014. I am sporting an iPhone 4S. I don’t have the upgrade, I don’t have the 5.  But I do love all things tech-y. I also like to wait for the tried and true before jumping in. For example, the new upgrade is proving to drain your battery faster than the older versions. I’m for waiting for them to fix the bugs.

(If you are using another type phone, I am sure there is a version, or these are probably compatible).

The following are a few apps that have been around for a while. And the best part is, these are all FREE.

1-Facebook. It’s still a necessity for me on my phone, although I love the version for the computer. But when I need to slip off and make a “work-worthy” post after work hours when my hubby is expecting my undivided attention, I can. As a Social Media Editor, I am always looking for easy ways to upload on the go. No one wants the same old post from home. 

2-Twitter. We are all still tweeting. Tweeting is fun, short and can now be visual with great photo options. It can also be useful by using the #hashtag to search topics of interest. For example, while on vacation, I can type in #beachtown and find out all of the fun stuff I just missed or the things coming up. One of my favorites is #ttown so I can keep up with all things #tuscaloosa, #rolltide. Have fun with them!  You can make up your own or find what others are using.

3- PhotoSynth. I love photo apps. As a REALTOR I can see some GREAT ways to use this photo app, which lets you take a series of photos in panorama mode and then creatively blend them. It is a Microsoft program that works on the iPhone.

4-Dropbox.  I was introduced to Dropbox for work when my 30,000 photos logged my system and a 2 Terabyte hard drive wasn’t enough to hold all of my data. Dropbox is where we drop our articles, the editors snatch them, edit and then send me a copy for the digital media. Writers~ you can put your work out on dropbox and open it on the road, edit it and have everything at your fingertips when the urge hits to finish that story. You can also store photos there, but I have found that saving them on a photo service such as 

5- Trello. I love Trello. I am a committee type person. I even have set up a Trello for our hunting camp. In columns, I can name a task, a person, a topic (shooting houses to replace with location and size), a goal, whatever we like. Any person who is signed in can make a  note or follow along. For our REALTOR fundraising project, we have six committees with different chair and co-chair who can all post in their “column”. I can see what they write, they can see what I write and we can all be on the same page without a lot of emails and phone calls. Thanks to Druid City Media for turning me on to this one. Perhaps I might start one for our family as well! There is a free and paid version.

6- Adobe Photoshop Express. For photo editing, this one lets you make magic of your photos and all for free. Color effects, cropping, sharpening. There are others out there but this is my go-to app. 

7. Pocket. Pocket is for people like me who surf the net in one long stretch of time, usually in a hurry, getting emails and great links to tons of things I want to explore in depth, but have to put off for later. All you do is side click and an option will pop up to “save to Pocket”. I have it on my phone, iPad and my computer. It puts your articles, emails into neat folders so you can read it later.

8. Ebay and Craigslist both have apps to put right on your device for those seconds you can search for things you might love to find a deal on. 

9. Shazam. My musician son taught me about this one as we were riding in the car and he asked, “What is this song?”  He called it a classic, I think it was a 1980’s song that sounded new to him. It made me feel old, but now I can scan the college station, use my Shazam, and enter the 21st century, without having to ask the younger crowd, “So then what should I be listening to?” After all, every generation has “their hits”, why not expand my horizons?

10. Tidy. I love this! I tested it and in a second after downloading, it sorted my 380 photos on my phone by location, charting the ones I even took on the way to the beach, by location, including street names. Someone who maxes out their phone almost daily needs an app to organize and sort photos. My iPhoto gallery (which is a mess!) I am hoping will feed all my computer photos into this app.  One tip on iPhoto, as you save your photos, go ahead and name the group. They are separated by date, but to save time later, have a way to search, for example, that food shot you took that you want to use later.

And a bonus app….SignEasy. I am in the car, on the go, showing Real Estate and needing to update documents almost daily. I have found this one to be quite handy to get all parties to initial and sign contracts. There are others out there, but this one lets you size the signature and make a clean contract.

By Allison Puccetti Adams. 

I saved this to dropbox, by the way (which notified me that I am almost to capacity). It’s something common in my photo programs, my drop boxes and clouds. I am a woman of many words and images, what can I say.  www.allisonpadams.com.

Feel free to share any of your new app favorites or thoughts on these!