It is NEVER too Late to Learn to FLY


On most any pretty weekend, members of the West Alabama Aero Modelers gather at Para’s Aero Park in Northport to show off their hand crafted models and take them to the air.


West Alabama Aero Modelers
Located in Sokol Air Park, Northport, AL and home to weekend events throughout the year

 Kids of all ages demonstrate their talents with planes of all colors and sizes. There are warbirds, aerobatic planes, helicopters, night-flyers, electric and gas powered planes. 


Not sure about taking the controls? There is a WAAM instructor available to help you make that first take-off and landing.


Veteran members offer tips to the newcomers.


The fun goes on year round, with a number of Fly-ins that draw pilots from around the Southeast for contests, aerobatic games, competitions in the air, as well as auctions, food and fun for the entire family.


The field is located in Para’s Aero Park off Watermelon Road. PARA also provides fields for ballgames, trails for jogging, a horse arena and stalls with shows and competitions. This is in addition to the many facilities that have indoor and outdoor swimming, recreation, workout facilities, as well as organized sports for kids.

These can handle up to six different aircraft settings.
Those who fly never lose their love for the friendly skies.
Ah, the thrill of the takeoff, even when not actually in it.


Visit their website to find the air field at


This spring members of WAAM are training for their spring Fly-in. Check out their website at to get information about their organization and upcoming events.


Or on a pretty day, simply cruise out Watermelon Road and follow the buzzing sound and ever-peeking over the tree sightings of small aircraft.

A full scale model in the works at my dad’s. I have to say when I saw it I was not sure what he would be doing this for. “AH,” said the blind daughter.


As the daughter of a flight instructor/ crop duster who later became a stunt pilot, this discovery has given me a new appreciation for the models that line his home in North Alabama. It is a blessed alternative for those, like him, who are unable to fly anymore due to back injuries and quite a bit of excitement for someone who grew up standing in the cockpit of planes while taking off on a dirt airstrip.

Tom Puccetti and the Ag Cat that paved the way for stunt flying later in the day


This may just prove, it is NEVER too late to learn to fly.

My dad’s model plane~ The Green Hornet