ARTIST SITE for Allison P Adams

ARTIST SITE for Allison P Adams

I have been on a voyage to streamline my life~

to downsize my stuff~

to follow my creative dreams~

to focus on TODAY~

and then LIFE happens.

We are doing a Bible Study these days called:

When The Game is Over, It all Goes Back in the BOX by John Ortberg

WE all go in a box ~ our stuff goes in boxes, to be distributed to those who may 

or may not value all the stuff we were determined to drag around.

So I look around at my art studio, the stuff I have created, the writings I have done

and I realize~ It only means something to ME….

 I can use my gifts to do more than do pretty pictures or develop a style,

if I can discover a part of myself, grow my soul,

release my truth~ my purpose~ some meaning~

THEN it might be meaningful to those who come after me.

A special thing I have is a tiny red leather journal my grandmother,

who died when my mom was only nine, wrote in.

She didn’t scribble, but delicately lettered quotes of love, scripture, nature, and her family.

Had she not written it I would have had no clue into the heart of Kathryn Allison,

the person I was named after.

IF all we do in life is nurture the ones around us~ is that enough?

Or do we shuck it all and go in the name of Jesus to some remote place to save

strangers, who yes, are hurting?

I see so many families, falling apart~ right here where we are~

mine was once one of those~  so many kids in dark places~

while the parents are RIGHT there, backs turned all in the name of 

“saving face~ making a name~ maintaining the reputation”.

If we can’t help our children~ and feel that is the ultimate 

sacrifice and perhaps for some, all we were made to do~ with a sense of peace,

then what IS the banner we should each take up?

This month’s CREATIVE CHALLENGE is about


So for the next month~ as I take this creative challenge~

I will hope to encourage you to find YOUR healing so that we can all

take up the banner that we were made to carry~ 

Whatever that is….and usually…the message is in our messes~

I am praying you embrace yours~ conquer it and live in Peace reaching out to 

those struggling with the same thing.


After all….creativity can be MORE than just playing with pencils and brushes~

It IS so much more~

I am praying that it guide us all out of our frustrations and HEAL our hearts~

so that we can fill up those around us with the ULTIMATE of ALL calls from heaven~



Allison Adams