Is the slight feeling of FALL bringing out your ARTSY side?

With the change of the seasons brings change in my ability to create.

The hot summer months have done little to stimulate my creativity,

although long days on the boat or the jet skis is plenty of activity for a day.

Last week, a little fall was in the air. I got out my camera, and like a puppy in

the breeze, I zipped about (best done on a Sunday) and snapped away.

The latest of my photos can be found on my Flickr feed. Here are a few taken

while roaming the University of Alabama in search of great sunset shots.

I am always seeing life through the lens.
I am always seeing life through the lens.

IMG_9806allisonpadamsdennyntnourndennyallisonpadams IMG_9732dennyallisonpadamsnoIMG_9764bearallisonpadamsIMG_9787stadallisonpadamsno

Here’s hoping you are catching all of the little glimpses of life just outside your car window.