Fluff! Designers

This fall I joined forces with two of my creative friends to form the 

 that is all about the




Lisa Marie McGillberry has had a company called “Choose Healthy Be Healthy” where she creates a healthy, custom designed menu and pantry stocking service for those wanting gluten free and healthy choices for their families. Lisa Marie has directed movies, acted and has a great eye for detail. 
While the new year approaches and HEALTH IS ON EVERYONES MIND, she will be available to
Fluff! your PANTRY! (meal planning)
Susan Wilkinson, married to Daniel, owner of Father Nature Landscapes , brings design experience for exterior and interior design (she has done design for some country music award winners she is too shy to mention and has a natural style). She was in broadcasting and will be our liaison for radio and television as well as design. Susan is Lisa Marie’s sister.
Fluff! your LANDSCAPE! (exterior and live greenery)
I was an interior design major at Bama and designed banks and medical facilities here in Birmingham for eight years back when my eighteen year old was a little peep. I qualified as one of less than 250 registered and licensed interior designers in the state of Alabama.  I have been missing that part of my life and looking forward to offering residential Fluff! as well as services to Fluff! and refresh tired commercial businesses. As an artist and photographer I can supply original works (some in the UAB collection) as well as represent other artists across the Southeast.
Our December focus is
Fluff! your Festivities (parties and holiday design)
We will all be involved in the transformation process of our projects and each brings unique perspective, creativity and talent in our various areas.
We will come in and Fluff! your home to make it ready for the holidays (by the hour) so you get the tree or we can. We can use your existing items in a new twist or add to what you have to make your home express who you are.
Call for a complimentary consultation at 205-914-2400. We charge by the hour for services and cost plus for items. You will have an itemized proposal before we start!
And for the links!  Pinterest BABY! It is my favorite source for visual stimulus!