Mom~ Dad

Today I updated my FINE ART AMERICA PAGE

with some creative samples of my photography.

One fun one was a picture of a tree with the words “dad MOM” carved in it which is located
at JH Ranch out in California.

I have been there once with my daughter, back a few years ago.

It speaks volumes to many and in so many ways.

Many of the kids are there with their dads and moms to celebrate their approach into becoming
a young man or young lady on an adventure designed to form bonds and opportunities to share
love that might have been hidden, misplaced or there but not recognized.

Many come to celebrate the nurturing relationships.

Many come to try to tape together some portion of a broken marriage or begin a quest to
find the marriage lost.

This place is timeless. It is magical. It is mysterious in that the Holy Spirit surrounds it and protects it and those who venture here.

Lately a partnership between Ariel Israel and JH Ranch is training up Israeli youth to become the future leaders of Israel, led by a Christian camp in the hills of northern California with roots that run deep into Birmingham, Alabama.

I watched history as the leaders  prayed with Mayor Ron Nachman for healing. That was over four years ago. He is still planting, alongside his friends at JH Ranch, “trees on the hillsides of Israel”.

I do not know who carved that tree. I do not know if it was because they were a couple there together to remind themselves of their Godly role over those they birthed.  I do not know if it was a kid who missed their parents. Or perhaps a mom and dad playfully signing in as they approached the falls and vowed to jump over the impressive drop into the rolling water.

All I know is it spoke to me. A sadness I have to say that my children have only chaos when they think of their mom and dad. After over eight years there is bitter hatred, competition, strife and confusion, enough to have them say they do not want weddings.

I know that if a couple of Christians and a man from Ariel, Israel can form a bond, even our family mess can be healed, one day, in the name of our children.

Tomorrow I will carve in a tree, “to my babies who I love so much that I can forgive” so that when they see “Mom”, they can think of my love and when they see “dad” they can think of him. We are no longer together after nineteen years, but they are forever ours.