Gals with GUNS

Today I am scaring myself that I have blogged for 8 days solid on various topics posted by #bloglikecrazy 
The subject today is fitness….as you know, fitness for me is a trip to get a coke from the fridge so my topic is off subject for the first time.
Today I am thinking about all of the hoopla made about the Republican party being at Hoover Tactical Firearms election night. I have to admit, I have been a pistol toting mama since my Realtor days in the questionably safe occupation while living in Montgomery. I carried a loaded 38 Special on a holster to my showings, only once walking behind a man with my hand on it. He was shifty and I was alone there with him.
In those days we had one man shot and killed during an open house and a couple of women tied up and stripped, locked in the bathroom at their open house and their Lexus’ stolen. It was not a good time to be in Real Estate. 
Mayor Folmer’s wife set up a gun safety class for women in Alabama. I went through that course and was amazed that the recommendations by all of the police were, “if there is a car in your driveway, someone comes in anyway, shoot to kill. And the younger they are the more dangerous.” 
He was referring also to the gang activity and the fact that the young kids had little fear or remorse. That was before the days of kids from all neighborhoods sporting heroin and these super drugs that are making our youth feel even more invincible (thus the recent slew naked men on rampages).
That was probably fifteen years ago and I have since become less cautious although our area Walmart sees muggings and shootings at least a few times a week (at least the ones I hear about). On Southside, as Birmingham slides back into the top FIVE of most dangerous cities to live in, we have to wonder if there will ever be a day of peace. 
 I have been re-thinking the shelving of my friend, Mr. Wesson. I recently even designed a purse to conceal him, which I hope to be creating soon. A recent design session with three handguns on a table in one of the most creative spaces home to Ed and Fred Foster.
As an American I feel honored to have the right to carry a weapon. 
I was raised in the country and am not afraid of guns. Guns do not kill people. People kill people. And if I am ever confronted with someone who comes as a threat to myself or my family, I will go down shooting.
A recent article in the paper shows that nearly 10,000 women in Mobile County alone, let alone  in the state of Alabama are licensed to carry a concealed weapon.  In every restaurant and every shopping center, there is probably someone carrying a weapon (legally). We have no idea about those not registered who are carrying. As of today, I am one of those.
Article on Mobile County concealed weapons

Next weekend starts gun season for hunting.  (I have been using those since I can remember, but not much for deer. I killed an eight point in college and after that, I decided I liked shooting from a lens better. This weekend my husband bought my seven year old a rifle and took her to the range to shoot it while I was at my writing workshop in Georgia. Guns are a part of the Southern life and tradition.
I feel sorry for the person who ever tries to take THAT right away. That might just call for some kind of mess! And I feel sure it will involve many going down to defend their right to bear arms! Personally I hope I never have to use one to defend myself.
Tuesday nights are LADIES NIGHT at Hoover Tactical Firearms so if you are just wondering about it all, drop in and check it out. I think it will only cost you ten bucks to rent a gun and you will have a heck of a good time.