Saturday, Nov. 3 — Write something risky. You know, that post you’ve always wanted to write but didn’t because you’re afraid of how your readers will react. You’re afraid of what your family and friends will think. Yes, that one. That’s the post you need to write and you need to write it right now. 
Today I am off in Dallas, Ga with the queen of RISK~ The Cracker Queen of Georgia 
who wrote the true memoir of her childhood in a trailer park, the victor of abandonment and some harsh southern raising. She came back with all the sass she could muster to embrace who she has become despite it. 
She and honey boo boo have bonded. Not there is a gal not afraid of RISK!
Here is my attempt at SOMETHING RISKY
I have a number of those in my arsenal but not quite ready to RELEASE!
I have to say, I am against mixed marriages. I have found in my experience marriage is tough enough before you bring in the differences. 
Creative types should not marry NON creative types.
Creative types have a unique ability to make sense out of the fact that the socks that once lived in a drawer (of all things) are in the dog basket for some really good reason, that the cereal that was once in the top cabinet has been moved for a very good reason that probably has to do with color coordination and nothing more. NON creative types just don’t get our creative reasoning.
Creative types should also probably not marry creative types (for totally opposite reasons).
Two creative types tend to roam around aimlessly with GREAT intentions but rarely making a dent in the mortgage, a savings account, a clean and neat car or house, a schedule that works. I know, I have tried both ways.  
In my next like I have decided I will go with the status quo and be a NON creative person married to a NON creative person.
These people have it made. They get up, do their thing, have goals set by their bosses, their parents, their leaders. They conform. They do not question authority. They thrive on structure. They thrive on order. They bake the cake to the exact directions. They follow the casserole measurements perfectly and if they are missing an ingredient they don’t improvise, they just don’t cook it.
How exciting it would be to be non-excitable about ideas and thoughts that might become “the better purse” or a better way to re-invent the line.  
The television news would be the highlight of the non creative day. Magazines would serve only the purpose of showing us what we must be desiring if we really thought about it. It would not spring board our thoughts from a new fashion boot shape to a lamp design “if you only added this”.  Relaxation would be relaxing, not a chance to refuel for new ideas.
Stories would amaze us, not propel us to attempt to write a better one. 
We would have store bought, neat Christmas trees that matched the wreath and the garlands. 
We would probably not find order in chaos, we would live in order. We would know where the postage stamps are (you know, in the drawer with the stickers).  
And wow, our closets. Rows of black pants, white pants, matching cardigans and suit jackets.  The scarves of the creative person crumbled in the drawer would be replaced with a neat stick pin that signifies our 100 days of service with some organization we remembered to attend all 100 days.
Yes, I am thinking getting up and focusing on ourselves, our appearance, our tight schedules could be quite freeing.
But until then I think I’ll go dig out my holiday wreath and wrap some ribbon around it to remind me of Thanksgiving’s approach. While I’m at it, I’ll be scanning pinterest for some of those fun little pinwheel pastry appetizers that I can take to the camp. Maybe I’ll stick pretzels in them for horns. Yes, horns. 
Think those might be fun too, those noise maker thingees.
So much creativity! So little time!

Allison Adams