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Thursday, Nov. 1 — November Intentions: I’m a big believer in living with intention. Kick off the month by listing your intentions for November. This list can focus on what you hope to get out of #bloglikecrazy or detail your personal and professional goals for the month. 
November 1: Here is the blog on INTENTIONS I “intended” on posting

The one prior to this was the “off the cuff” one I wrote this morning……so as far as I can count~
 I have just earned a “skip” 🙂
(already trying to figure out how to “beat the system”)
Fall rode in on the tail of Halloween, bringing November in with a vengeance here in the South.  A week ago we were in shorts with nearly eighty degree weather. Today I am coveting the stack of firewood (delivered yesterday by one legged Billy) that stands just outside my front door. It feels to me as if winter is here although it has still not dipped below freezing.
Every year I have the best of intentions as November rolls in.  I vow to savor Thanksgiving, especially when we hosted our “borrowed daughters from Norway and Germany”.  I vowed to teach them everything I could about America, to share traditions. As the two years rolled past I found that just getting them to and from their activities, as well as the three we were raising here of our own was about all I could muster.
Each year in November I vow to be more diligent in my Christmas decor so that we can savor the holiday longer.  I vow to have cookie smells radiating throughout the house every day as the kids get home from school. I vow to help them be organized in the morning so they can take their time to enjoy a warm cup of cocoa before they head out for the day. I vow to be creative, to sell my artwork in more places, to write in my journal every day, to capture memories on film and put them together in books from shutterfly or picasso to savor those fulfilled intentions. 
As the sun shifts from the afternoon extension of our outdoor activities to warming our early starts it tends to bring out my hibernating bear attitude.  We eat earlier so get snuggled in earlier, yet as a night owl, I still can’t make the early adjustment to that clock setting phenomenon that steals my gusto. Just as my body is getting fully acclimated to life as it is, they have to go and change it on me. 
So just like every other year, I review my intentions that often blend in with my ordinary day. Like this morning, as I got up and wrapped my daughter in her jacket and tried to wrap her in a scarf (she ditched the scarf) I thought of all of the kids this morning who had no warm stuff anywhere within reach. While mine is in the garage in buckets, they probably have none or a smaller version.  I thought of their walk to school, thinking I would try to find a way to get all of these clothes that the teenagers don’t wear to the appropriate cold little legs and fingers. My intentions are nothing without action. 
And right now, I am intending to get a fire lit and turn on my Christmas music on the Sonos rotation and getting a start to my day, but I am actually perched in my bed next to a fluffy Pomeranian who is wondering why my hands are here typing on a volunteer assignment instead of cuddling her.  
So many intentions, so little time. 
By Allison Puccetti Adams

Since I wandered off the subject of the LIST….here are a few of my 
INTENTIONS for the remainder of 2012
Stay on track with my writing:  
Novel writing course at Samford –
I intend to have my final outline and draft for my book complete by March
This weekend I am headed to Georgia for a workshop with the CRACKER QUEEN
on writing the family memoir.  During Thanksgiving I intend to gather all of the garb and data on my family history as my mom and aunt remembered it.  Some relatives in Eutaw are also compiling some good stuff for me on the Allison family.  2013 is the year of the novel.
blog, blog, blog
Get The 12 Days of Christmas Giving in more stores in November~
Drink more water
happYmess Journal and Planner complete by Jan. 1 ready to use!
Have my designed purse ON MY SHOULDER by December
The infamous ED AND FRED Foster (of rolling stones guitar strap logo fame) are whipping it up as I type~ 
Paintings “ornament size” in stores near YOU. When I lived in Montgomery I painted lots of angels.  After losing two of my closest high school friends to cancer (the second just recently) I am all about the angel.
Decorate the house for Christmas the first weekend in November! Yes REALLY! 
Plan a Christmas party~
Complete my illustration commission for a client writing a book and card game.
(by the end of the week)
CREATE incredible themes for our new design company Fluff  
where I will combine all of my interests (and use my Interior Design degree) to help others get ready for Christmas! 
My favorite holiday in the world!  

Sign on now~ we Fluff using your stuff and make recommendations for adding a new twist. Party planning~ office design~kids rooms.
In 2013 I intend on DOWNSHIFTING. Donate my stuff I don’t need! 

Selling the house we designed for 4 kids and are down to 2~
Thinking about setting up office in an AIRSTREAM~ that way….I never have to move my stuff again…well except while intact on wheels.  Creative people, yes we love our creative stuff!