Today begins the BLOG EVERY DAY challenge set in place by
Birmingham’s founder of SEE JANE WRITE

Each day IN NOVEMBER Javacia provides a prompt to get us started~

Today, November First~ AND I AM OFF TO A GREAT START!

 It is all about intentions!

And the day I signed up back in October I had TONS OF INTENTIONS~
And thankfully I got a jump start last week on ideas for these although this one is
fresh off the top of my head with none of those being used.

out of my agenda one by one as a sniffly seven year old and a coughing sixteen year old
showed me their throats.

And THAT my dear is why I am grateful that I can shift gears, light a fire, and
cancel my day.  (I’ll get to that topic later in the week about how those of us with flexible creative schedules also struggle as much as those with the fixed work routine)

My intentions to write an uplifting blog today about all of the goals I was excited about two days ago when I wrote my “blog outline” are smothered today in a messy post halloween floor and a washing machine with a stuck door and a fault code that screams “you have to call someone!”

My intentions to start the day on the road to Montgomery to keep my very pregnant friend from having to go alone were halted with sniffles and coughing I must have picked up from the kids.

My intentions to have a recent book illustration “for hire” completed early might still make it on schedule but meeting with the client is probably out. Thank goodness for email.

So today my intentions are to take advantage of another day at home with the kids, heat up some soup, make some cookies, light a fire, and wait for their appointment time at the pediatrician, but probably, I will just be crawling back in bed and cover my head.

Not a bad plan for a sniffly, blustery November Thursday.  Looks like I should take a lesson today from the fur balls who live their lives with NO intentions!

Allison Adams