This year I took part in a number of opportunities to stretch my boundaries and learn a bit about other artists methods and share some of those with you here~
NEVER stop creating!

Kellie Newsom lives that free artist spirt of a life with her husband in a home they are painting their mark on inside and out.

She was recently at Alabama Art Supply which showed me how to embrace those faces and bodies I have struggled with in the past. Yes, I knew bodies were like math, with proportion and order….but I could never seem to nail them. She gave me the secret! Painting loose, she says, “uses the right brain”. Well no wonder my right brain rules my life and my rooms, my sock drawers are all LOOSE! I’m releasing all that to the fact that my left brain is still not in control.

She uses paints called Atelier interactive Colours and they are incredible with a texture and method of blending that becomes a mix of watercolor and acrylic in style. I am loving getting to know mine.

HANDOUTS reminded us of the Da Vinci model of the face and body
with a face actually measuring five eyes proportionately across and seven down

We start with right brain shaping with a large brush to get the form in place

Then add the dark shadows

Kellie loves these paints because she loves to COLOR IT UP

Kellie’s portrait was of Bill Murray~ amazing to watch her work.

Some of Kellie’s work includes traditional figures in a contemporary way.

My girl who I turned into Lady Gaga ish woman

My finished lady…with contrasting colors. I later blended it to soften the contrast.

We warmed up with BLIND contour drawing…try it! Look at something and follow it with your EYE and do NOT look down at your paper.

I am carrying around a journal these days and capturing lots of practice time with these in carpool lines…waiting rooms (suggested at a workshop with Nan Cunningham who had a beautiful collection of part grocery list, part magical future painting ideas in a little hardback book no larger than a checkbook)

Words for the day : NO EXCUSES!

Since Kellie’s workshop I was inspired to pick a person each day from facebook and paint something from their pages.

HERE are some of those paintings.

It is ALL a process…and the best way to learn is to TRY AND TRY AGAIN!
Happy Painting!
Next Blog will share tips from 
Nan Cunningham, Montgomery artist who has been collected for years!
She now resides in Auburn and was at Alabama Art Supply 
to teach about COLOR 
It was a stretch for me…but the tips on the limited palette were phenomenal!
As you can see, I couldn’t stand not throwing in other colors…
simple…keep it simple…not so simple ! 
 Allison Puccetti Adams
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