Today was the first day of service for the NEW MENU, featuring BEACH BURGERS.

After the holiday break we came to realize that we could no longer support the efforts necessary to keep a full
fledged seafood establishment going.

The months following the OIL CRISIS brought a number of challenges. While supply was there (we were already getting the
seafood from the Panama City Beach area~ checking in each night as boats came in~
offering the FRESHEST CATCH to our customers each morning).

Chad, being a CPA, charted the changes over the past 6 months and found that our sales were off by 75% from the previous year…and believe it or not, each day, with reports coming from the Gulf, we would have a customer come in, look at the case and ask if we were selling GULF seafood….when we said yes…they turned and left.

We began offering “non seafood” items and had some of the best crab cakes, gumbo and tuna dip available but found that there was little consistency in the flow of traffic through the door.

We hate that our REGULARS who loved to stop in for a dozen oysters or those who loved the gumbo, fresh fat gulf shrimp or other fresh catches of fish will now have to travel out of the tiny kingdom to get similar food to serve their families at home.

We have switched gears in an effort to keep our employees working and also keep the doors open but selecting a menu that not only is GREAT TASTING, but easy to implement.

No longer are there four shipments each day to coordinate, so simplicity has its advantages.

We know of some similar restaurants around doing the “burger only thing” but not here in the area.

We are hoping our regular customers who love what Chad has been doing in the past will come in and try out the new burgers.
We also encourage the teens to come in and make this their hang out. We serve great shakes and malts that are another thing not offered here on the street.

And great news for our seafood fans~ THE CRABBY PATTY is one of the burgers.

Hope you will come in and check it out!