I have been listening to some fun, light tunes this afternoon and immediately the sun began shining in my room…
and my daughter just chirped, “I LUUUUVVVV this MUSIC”


And today I read a few blog posts from a smart little girl (14) who looks at life so much the way I did at her age..
I turned all my lack of control in my life into a whirlwind of “flying by the seat of my pants”.

I always came out unscathed. knowing LOTS OF ANGELS must be watching over me..
cause there is nothing to explain why I am still alive..
always pushing everything to the n’th.

DARING people to love me,
DARING anyone to cross me….

and all along…
I have found..

people WILL love you..
and they WILL cross you…

and the closer you get to the end of your RAINBOW..
the more they will want to see you fall…

but when you get right in and start chatting with strangers about what is REALLY bothering them..

they are wishing all along they had the guts to just put aside where they are and GO FOR IT.

This year 2011..

a lot of families are gonna be in places where they can
hunker down…or they can leap…

I’ve seen alot of ups and downs in others..
watched players who were on top fall,
watched big developers crash and burn after taking their last cruise on that big yacht that cost them
their families in order to obtain…

and then I see a man who has all the money in the world and little time in life to live,

Last night I had a dream,
that I moved back to the country..
into the antebellum home that sits deserted,
windows barren, floors falling…
and crawled into a big four post bed,
the same one my grandparents once left deserted after the death of their child,
when they decided to give up and let LIFE happen however the chips would fall.

There were only four rooms and a kitchen, a garden, and our kids were
running all around…And it felt like HOME.

And when I woke up this morning,
it all seemed so real. I even wondered where I was.

And I thought,
Here I am at the end of another year,
when in 2000 I think none of us even thought there would be a world,
and I looked at my husband, snoring, exhausted after a crazy week
beating his head against the wall to determine how to make the world unafraid of the GULF MESS.

And I thought…
we are so blessed…
we both are intelligent…but a bit unpredictable…which sometimes leads to lack of common sense πŸ™‚
and we both have a country edge, living in a place where everyone I think could use a few days MUD RIDING..
but we also have a spirit of change that I have no doubt will help us set sail which ever way the heavens have
in store for us….

tomorrow we head off for a Colorado Christmas…
leaving home and Alabama behind..

I think of Annabel’s post about wondering “who is that in that airplane” and I know somewhere in a journal I had
similar thoughts.

I remember flying over little box like houses, thinking that each family there has a little problem, or a drama, or something
and it certainly made mine feel MUCH SMALLER.

I didn’t have blogs when I was growing up, I always wrote when I was sorting it out,
and somehow, I feel certain a best friend/role model (Mendy) will see that those books are destroyed πŸ™‚
although she has no idea what little nuggets she might find πŸ™‚

the power of words…
such an incredible force..
but thats a blog for another day.

I wanna focus on whats at the end of the rainbow..
and I know that ONLY GOD can know..
and really, if we focus on him,
the hurts placed on us by people will all melt away

He has put me on a path that has been so glorious,
filled with friends, and laughter,
and careers I could not have imagined myself πŸ™‚
and book ideas, and scribbled songs on napkins,
and travels across the world
and children who are becoming life-long friends
and another to keep us young at heart..

Yeah, I’m seeing a bit of rainbow right here where I am
and if feels pretty good.

I wish you all whatever it is that you are looking for to appear right where you are!

Merry Christmas and the best of all years I pray for you.


Allison Puccetti Adams