Girlfriends during the Holidays

Every year I pull out last years stacks of magazines (why throw them out when they have GREAT ideas) and cut through them…pulling out photos of the things I wished I had done LAST year….

cookie recipes, party ideas…

This year, just like we have done for years with our 17 and 14 year old when they were little…
we are having a BUILD A GINGERBREAD HOUSE party.

I asked Shelton is she wanted to have one…again…we did it even up until the 7th grade…
that year taking presents to the Gardners who have adopted over a dozen special needs children.

This year, we are planning on starting over with my phase 3~ and now I have BACKUP..
Shelton and HER girlfriends to help pull off all of the ribbon filled ideas, the gumdrop trees, the
little village that is merely stacks of sticky graham crackers they glue together with icing from a can.
(we shot it through the edge of a ziplock one year to get a bit more official looking) but it all tasted the
same gummy, sticky sweet mess that it always had!

I hope you will build some memories with your LITTLE GIRLFRIENDS this season~

And look for ways to get together with “girlfriend MOMS” to share in the madness~