I am spending Spring Break with my children this week….the sun is as hot as I remember when I was living here…but the wind has kept me inside the doors… only my toes out on the porch in an attempt to get some sunshine on this body in preparation for a Mexican Cruise we embark on later in the week.

I just realized I have neglected my blog…Fall? my last post? Where DOES the time go.. I was working on updating our NEWEST venture blog…Crestline Seafood Company…which I guess I will use as my excuse for not updating, painting lately…or at least in a productive fashion or doing much writing.

I guess I have been using my creativity in other..more FOOD oriented ways 🙂

BUT TODAY I AM IN REFLECTION MODE…been awhile…at the beach.

The beach is a great thing..the surf roars, we sit on the deck…free to do NOTHING…watching gulls soar, planes stall (we are at the practice point on the beach where they turn back)…lucky us 🙂 and now watch the occasional gambler blimp float by.

During those times are when my mind re-fuels and with uninterruped sleep without the dogs…I can focus on what I want to do next.

The creative person is a complex puzzle..that is why I SO love my creative peeps. This semester I have not had my usual group to paint with me on Wednesdays.


I did however branch out and have a FUN GIRLFRIENDS NIGHT OF PAINTING at my house with 15 ladies in byob fashion where Kristen and I instructed on how to do a landscape. It was so much fun! Every painting something unique…so many styles in one room of the same subject.

I hope to do those again SOON. Just trying to figure out where. Thinking for my birthday I need a studio garage in the back 🙂

The restaurant is in full force..originally a market…we began serving lunch now lunch and dinner. We have wine tastings on Mondays and Brent our 16 year old plays keyboard every Thursday. Check out the link to that blog at


I sell my paintings there as well as Merrill Millers Interiors- Orange Beach, Willis Gray Gallery in Decatur and The Commissary, Birmingham.

Paintings by my art class are ON DISPLAY as well. These kids are quite talented.
We start up those classes after the break but will probably go to a group setting paint party style for summer.

We had such a blast at the last one!

In January my latest book “12 Days of Christmas Giving” finally rolled off the presses…but just in time to miss the season. THIS is a main focus for the year ahead. I was tired of hearing “what am I getting for Christmas” so the book is a challenge in rhyme to take a present each day for 12 days from under the tree and GIVE IT AWAY. The book will be linked to various charities and you can teach your children to help celebrate with a perspective that has been there all along.


And while other things are going on with the kids…school and such…we are still so excited we have Amalie Holt with us from Norway. She applied for her ticket to leave us in July and I was sad. She has been such a blessed addition to our family and we can’t wait to meet her parents, little sister and little brother in June.
If you have not ever thought of hosting an exchange student, all I can ask is WHY NOT. The blessings are endless.

We take her on a cruise with all four of our children on Thursday and then I hope to take her and Shelton to New York-Boston (while Brent performs with mens choir in Boston) to meet me grandmother Nana Rosalie Costontino and aunt Rosalie Cicciarelli in April…then a train trip to N Orleans..and if it works in, Miami, where she originally thought she was coming to in the states.

Until I have the chance to sit down again (especially with a five year old :)) hope you are following your creative dreams.