The above photo is a sample of the continued learning that will be passed on to the students. Above: Birmingham artist Justine Rynearson shares tips from a recent workshop at Allison’s home.


These are designed for children, but we will have some night classes for adults.

Each of the classes will meet on Monday, Tues. and Wed. each week
at my home studio from 3:30-5:00.

Junior High Students and Crestline Students can walk here if necessary.

First week, Sept 14,15,16 every class that week will deal with basic things..foreground/middle/background..some perspective

Pick one day that week or you can come all three that week and build on each day
(Wed. is not harder than Mon, but if you have had Mon, the different subject to be painted will provide more experience)

Week 2: Sept.21,22,23: Still Life same thing..M,T,W
Week 3 Sept. 28,29, 30: Perspective- interior and buildings
Week 4 Oct. 5,6,7 :Perspective and Rendering Techniques/Landscape drawing
Week 5 Oct. 12,13,14: Drawing People (12th is Columbus Day)
Week 6 Oct.19,20,21 : Self Portraits
Week 7 Oct. 26,27,28: Painting Light and Shadow
Week 8 Nov. 2,3,4: Writing and Illustrating (Allison is author of Birmingham Sketchbook)
Week 9 Nov. 16,17,18: Digital Photography (we will work on photo gift ideas for parent/grandparent)
students will need access to a digital camera

Prices until Sept. 14: $10 / class or 25 for three (works $50 for 6 as well) Reserve now by email or phone with questions to 914-2400.
You pick the dates you like.

RE: Supplies:
For the $10 I will provide the items to draw with (pencils, markers, paints). I will have paper and regular paint boards for them to use if they do not have their own canvas.
For Writing and Illustrating: We will have an optional “publish your own book” kit available.

Students may bring whatever they like to work on (canvas any size, a piece of wood, paint board)
if they want to paint on a large canvas, or a small one, they can bring whatever they like (can get at Michaels or Wal Mart). Kids are creative and can come up with fun things when they are allowed to “think outside the box” so don’t worry about materials)

If you would like to have all materials provided, please note that when registering.
$8 fee for canvases. (note there is no extra charge for digital photography)

The students will have an art exhibit at the end of each month with ice cream at HappYmess Ice Cream (Crestline Seafood)
Thanks so much!

happYmess Artist

About the teacher:
As an interior Design major at the University of Alabama I had core art classes in their incredible art program, learned perspective drawing,and rendering techniques.
I have experience in wallcovering design, graphic design and publishing.

As a writer, I have self published two books (illustrated one) and written BIRMINGHAM SKETCHBOOK and written for Montgomery Living, Southern Beauty and other publications.
Check out some of our learning exercises at www.highlandartists.blogspot.com for painting experiences.

I taught grades K-6 at St. Benedict School on the Gulf Coast and recently had a show at the Orange Beach Art Center.