As business owners in the Mountain Brook community, we would like to invite fellow artists to be a part of an ARTWALK event in Crestline
at CRESTLINE SEAFOOD in the ..what I am calling the “HAPPYMESS Gallery” or the “walls of the store”. (It is also home to HAPPYMESS Ice Cream..where Klumpie’s once resided)

We are inviting artists to submit by email a photo of one painting that you would like to have displayed at the ARTWALK Event and placed on consignment for the month following the event. (depending on response, we may be able to do a grouping of small similar works also). (you may also simple display during the artwalk)

Even if you are not interested in displaying, we invite you to support your fellow artists and come out for ARTWALK
on the Third THURSDAY of June~ July and August.

We will advertise this event through the chamber and try to encourage other businesses to join in future events in an effort to help artists as well as area businesses create MOUNTAIN BROOK BUZZ.

If you want to participate, please email me with ARTWALK SUBMISSION in the Subject Line. Our first event will be on June 18.
We would like to have the Theme for June focus on FATHERS AND FREEDOM (as the work will be up until just before the July show and during fathers day and Fourth of July)

Anything that makes you think of summer


You may submit now for all three if you have appropriate work or you may submit two weeks prior to each show date.

Our main hurdle is SPACE so that is why we must limit the number of submissions.

Please have your work insured, as we cannot be responsible for theft or damage, although we assume the risk is low as we will be sure to
take great care to see that your work is taken care of.

Blessings my fellow artists! Hang in there! It’s been a funky summer, but everyone needs something beautiful to get them up in the down times.

We are asking only 20% of sales. Write me back if you have any questions.

ARTWORK WILL BE DISPLAYED AT OUR LOCATION AS WELL AS LAURA KATHRYN NEXT DOOR. We will do a customer blitz and also announce through the chamber of commerce.

Hope you are having a CREATIVE summer~