Recipe Ideas for Seafood Dishes

Here are some great seafood recipes I have jotted while watching TV lately 🙂

Check out their websites for details, but these are great starts for some different things to do with SEAFOOD

These are from Rachael Ray~

Seafood Pasta

One pot of water to Cook Pasta (short cut hollow shell-penne)
Boil water, then salt
Add pasta later

Lobster-Sherry- Cream Tomato SAUCE
Second pot (high sides) so can mix in pasta later
EVOO to coat pad- low flame-
Chop shallots and shitake mushrooms and place in pan
Shave a bit of garlic(2cloves) for flavor
A bit of crush red pepper flakes
Simmer til tender
Add dry sherry let cook out…(couple of dashes)
Add shot of chicken or seafood stock
2 cups crushed tomatoes
Then add lobster or other seafood (would also be great with crab)
Salt and pepper
Add a ½ cup milk and as simmers, toss in the cooked pasta
Stir in and then pile on a serving platter
Cut some chives in long diagonal cuts and sprinkle on top

Note: Whatever seafood you add, do in a separate pot just before tossing into the pasta
She used chopped lobster, can add scallops or shrimp
(if already cooked…drop in last)
Find the recipe on for more details

Serve with a simple salad of lettuce, artichokes and a sweet marmalade dressing

Rounded spoonfuls of orange marmalade
Dijon mustard
Lemon juice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper makes a GREAT dressing if you love “sweet”

What do you do with a left over piece of fish?

The next day for lunch:
Make a great salad, with pecans, berries and a great balsamic vinegar dressing,
Warm the salmon and place it on top.
Enjoy on your patio with a glass of bubbling ginger ale and a sprig of fresh mint from
Your garden and ENJOY YOUR DAY~

Rounded spoonfuls of orange marmalade
Dijon mustard
Lemon juice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper makes a GREAT dressing if you love “sweet”


Stir-fry hot and Sweet Shrimp Lettuce Wrap
Using a lighter oil so can get high temp (veg, canola or light color oil)
Red hot chili peppers..using the hot seeds for flavor
Chopped onion
Shaved garlic (4 big cloves)
Shitake mushrooms (without stems) (use a ¼ lb)
Get skillet hot- til oil ripples
Put shitakes in first til they get color (should simmer)
Then add veggies- 2 red jalapenos, med onion, garlic
Let simmer down
Then toss in 2 LBS shrimp (deveined)

Ginger (small piece) 1 inch..shave outside off with spoon then slice
Put in pot with ¼ cup sugar
¼ cup rice wine vinegar
heat til dissolves
remove the ginger
this will go on the stir fry (sweet)
to go with the HOT in the mix

After above vegetables are ready, pour the sauce over them over med high heat
Will steam up

Serve on a large “bowl” of lettuce for lettuce wraps
And use sauce to top it

Season center cut loin chops with salt and pepper then place in hot oiled pan

Orange marmalade with soy sauce will be added to glaze the chops
Take chops out of pan and cook glaze in same pan
Add marmalade…a bit of water and whisk together over heat
When bubbling..put chops in and marinade

Cook Whole Grain Pasta (fiber and protein )
Add ¼ cup teriyaki sauce to noodles after drained
Put scallions and edemame in

Oil in bottom pan
Scallions- slice on angle can use all of it white and green
Drop in oil
Shelled Edemame (these will splatter)

Barefoot Contessa

Bay Scallops Au Gratin
(can make ahead-refrigerate and then bake right before dinner)

2 lbs of scallops (bay or sea) cut in half (so cook more quickly)
White wine in 6 grattan dishes (1 tbs. in each)
Let them dry a bit (scallops)
Put in scallops into each dish

6 tbs. unsalted butter
6 cloves garlic-chopped
2 minced shallots
2 oz. minced proccuto
4 tbs. minced fresh parsley
fresh lemon juice
Pernaut 2 tbsp
2 teasp. Kosher salt
black pepper
put in mixer and put 6 tbs. olive oil
then add ½ cup panko (Jap flakes)
fold in with rubber spatula

Put on top of scallops

When friends have coctails on porch, pop it in the oven.
Nice crusty top

Serve with green salad