Donation to Raise Awareness of Autism

“There is a commonly held belief that art making is beneficial to people (particularly children) with Autism due to their intense sensory needs (especially visual and tactile self-stimulation) and disregulation, often nonverbal nature, and need for more visual, concrete, hands-on therapies.” (

Friends of the Arts, Inc. and Orange Beach Art Center’s Visiting Artist, Allison Puccetti Adams, will be asking for donations to assist High Hopes treatment facility for autistic children during her Artist Reception (Friday Mar1 5:30-7:30) and Palette Knife Demonstration (Saturday May 2 10:30 am). The Artist Reception and Demonstration will be at the Orange Beach Art Center next to the Waterfront Park on Canal Road. There will be complimentary refreshments at each event.

Allison Puccetti Adams’ exhibit is the fourth in the 2009 Visiting Artist Series sponsored by the Friends of the Arts, Inc. This Birmingham artist is no stranger to the Gulf Coast. Originally from Livingston, Allison made her mark from Baldwin County to Montgomery to Birmingham being very involved in each community. Her seemingly boundless energy translates in her paintings as the movement and vitality of a moment in time, even evident in still lifes that appear to calm themselves for only an instant. It is not a stretch to think of her objects as living beings much in the way that Tom Robbins fills life and personality into a sock or a tin can. One of the beauties of her work is the life affirming, uplifting joy inherent in each painting.

The Friends and the OBAC hope to continue and expand such non-profit collaborations. On May 23 the Friends of the Arts, Inc/OBAC and BARC will have a pet adoption, poster contest and crawfish boil on the grounds of the Art Center. “Highlighting the Arts and assisting other non-profit organizations is a wonderful way to raise awareness of our programs at the Art Center and to connect with members of the community who have yet to discover their Art Center. The Orange Beach Art Center’s mission is to provide inspiration, education and enjoyment of the arts to the residents and visitors to Alabama’s Gulf Coast” Wanda Price, Coordinator.

For more information contact OBAC at 251-981-ARTS or Allilson’s blogspot is .

To learn more about High Hopes visit their website Illuminating Autism FunRaiser is June 5-7 at Pirates Cove.