We loved seeing all of you who were around during Spring Break and craving the food from the SEA~

We are still trying to determine the “right amount of fish to order” for you so we keep it running out each day…with fresh shipments each morning and so far…we are still selling out every afternoon…with maybe a bit to be “brought home to mama”…:)

We had a great sushi chef coming in each day, and sold plenty, but we thought it was getting away from the theme of what we are trying to do here…

so will not be serving lunches…for now…
but will stick to fine tuning the things you need to go with your seafood meals and helping you create the best HOME DINING SEAFOOD EXPERIENCES for you and your family in a time when time for shopping and HOME COOKING is hard to come by.

As an example, we have ordered some great casseroles you can pick up to serve with your fish or shrimp.

I just watched a recipe on the food network..she was stuffing dressing in Salmon…
we happen to have a great dressing in the can salt and pepper your fish really good..give it a slit (coat the inside too with spices of your choice) then maybe add some fresh mushrooms to this pre-prepared dressing…pop it in the oven wrapped in foil (after coating with olive oil and a sprig of your favorite herb) and wha-la…effortless..tasty stuffed Salmon. (this was a whole salmon)
We have pastas and rices, and marinades to help you create the perfect meal.

We now also have beer and wine. When the pollen clears, light a candle on the porch…uncork a bottle of wine to help take the stress off the day and add some heart-healty vino, pull out a light, healthy seafood meal, turn on a table top or wall water fountain and WHA-LA…escape from Bham immediately.

We do this with the kids too (minus the vino)..they love eating outside on the back deck…and don’t really KNOW just how healty it is for them…:)

Blessings this week to you and your family.

The family that eats together….thrives.