"Pulling Mussels from a SHE—-ELLLLLL" (imagine music :) )

This weekend, our friend, Will cooked some mussels on the stove (I’ll get him to forward me what HE did) but they were AWESOME~
so am adding this recipe in case you want to try something different.


Buy fresh and make sure they are alive- tightly closed-
Put them in cool water for 20 minutes and they recycle any grit still from the ocean
With Mussels (unlike with clams)-you need to take the beard out)
It looks like a string- grab with a towel and pull down
(don’t pull up or you damage the mussel)

Put butter in a cast iron skillet
Grate ginger root over the butter as cooks
(you can grate and freeze and put in bag for easier useage)

Add a bottle of ale (12 oz.) and put mussels into the pan (2 lbs.- 1 lb. per person)
Cover 3-5 minutes
Don’t cook longer than it takes for them to open their shells
Overcooking is the usual “mess up” with mussels
White miso (soy bean paste- mild- full of flavor)
Let reduce in water and whisk together and add watercress (chopped) and let it barely
Wilt up (4 oz. of it)
And pour over the mussels in a great looking dish

Serve with bread and a light salad with a ginger dressing
for a light meal.