Easiest Recipe with one pot to clean~

Crestline Seafood Company is READY to help you savor the tastes of the sea.
Come in and try a new recipe..we’ll try to keep you informed of some good easy ones that will make you feel the breeze of the coast~

If you aren’t sure what to cook~
When the weather warms up…spread out some newspaper~
cover the back deck table and
get you one big pot…fill it with small potatoes, corn cut in halves and
a few pounds of shrimp and dump it on the table after it boils and the shrimp float
to the top (add them last) with plenty of good cajun seasoning..

and you have yourself an old fashioned “boil”.

Make it fancy? Serve it on your fine china and forget the paper products 🙂

Blessings from the sea~

When crawfish season starts…add in a few of those~
We’ll have everything you need to make a full meal..
add a salad if you like too.