Crestline Seafood Company OPENS FOR BUSINESS

This week, despite storms and snow…we sold out of fish~
Crestline families dined on steamed shrimp- a few were frying them up~
and steaming mussels (that I happened to get to taste~ MMMM)

Next week, we will serve for lunch~
Sushi rolls (see our photos of our “sushi rolling” party where we perfected some fun rolls with the help of our friends)

We will have gumbo in bread bowls (still in keeping with our cold weather)
sushi~we are working on some seafood pizzas~
and plan to have West Indies Salad to get you primed for spring break which is right around the corner.

We are working on the recipes so you can snatch one and take it home to try your hand at some fun recipes. Let us know if you have some you would like to share.

We will also have some cookbooks at the store for you to dig through~