Beer Braised Shrimp with La. Salsa and Rice and Fried Green Beans with bacon

For the first recipe…we are doing a summary of Rachael Ray’s 30 minute recipes~
Straight from Bayou Country-
You will need these items:
For Rice and Salsa- celery, hot pepper for salsa, green pepper, thyme, lime juice,
Butter, chicken stock, red jalapeno if you want a kick on this cold afternoon (the seeds are where the fire is)

Bowl to mix salsa in
Tomatoes, grated garlic clove and one onion


To begin:

Put dash of oil and butter (couple of pats) in a skillet- hot for the veggies
Chop your veggies (celery (chop 6-8 pcs. into small pieces) leave the greens on there for flavor;
bell pepper and onion and a bit of garlic)
Put the celery into the oil and a bit in the bowl for salsa
Put 1/2 the chopped red onion in the oil on the stove and other half in the salsa

Chop the green pepper~ into small pieces and put into the oil
and then add some into the salsa

Fresh thyme can be added to both mixtures

Same veggies that are cooking are in the salsa- but now we add thin sliced red jalapeno peppers in the salsa bowl
take ribs and seeds OUT if you don’t want it spicy
Add tomatoes in every color to the salsa bowl

Trick to cut little round tomotoes in half? Put them on a deli lid..cover the top of them with another deli lid and then run your knife through there and WHALA~ 8 – 10 at once sliced into two neat halves

Add lime to your salsa- cut in half then work over with a fork to get the juice out..if they don’t seem to have much juice pop them in the microwave a few seconds

Lime is a good replacement for salt so lightly sprinkle..
and the salsa is done.

Add a cup of rice to the mixture
cover with the oil and butter and let it brown a few minutes…
Add 3 cups of water or chicken stock if you want it richer
stir and let come to boil then cook on lower for about 15-18 minutes

Bacon Green Beans
drizzle of oil
thick cut smokey bacon- 1 lb. of green beans for every 4 people
6 slices of bacon
cook the bacon, drain some of the fat, but leave some for flavor (3 tbsp)
1 teaspoon of coarse black pepper
a sprinkle of sugar,
dash of vinegar later

If like tender green bean..cook in salted water first then toss in pan with
fried bacon
cook on Med high

2 pounds of shrimp- any size will do
beer- hot sauce 1/4 cup, worchestershire sauce, seafood seasoning blend
Put the shrimp in (shells on) and spice up with tbsp. seasoning
add worchestershire
add hot sauce and let cook up
at end add 1 bottle beer (pale ale good suggestion- most of alcohol cooks off..get a tangy flavor
and let it finish cooking and let reduce
at end finish with 1/4 cup scallions and a bit of butter to gloss them up

Back to the pot of bacon and green beans~
add vinegar and sugar to beans when start turning brown on the ends

Rice in other pan- stir up

Spoon into a serving bowl (rice)
and in another bowl put the shrimp
another platter, the green beans

The salsa is great to put on a sandwich or chips

bed or LA style rice, make a well in middle for the shrimp add extra sauce from
under the shrimp, then top with a bit of salsa and decorate edges with crispy
green beans


See it on Rachel Ray’s website for more details.

(taken from summary of the TV show 🙂 )