I have to admit it..

I am a recovering FACEADDICT….

I am LOVING my facebook page…
my children are hating that I am on..
my son told me last night it was for “teenagers mom”…
not old people..

and so then I wonder how the kids can claim the market when I am finding
all of my OLD friends online…

chatting in real time..
keeping up with growning babies…and birthdays…
and announcements…

I have always been a social person…
when I lived in Mont-GUM REE….
(and Mont is said like the PEN…)

I actually had a person who is from OWLD MUNT-GUMREY
ask me “how do you know so many different people?
One day you are with the “artsy people” another in the Junior League..”

I said, I don’t know..I just love to get to know people…
In Montgomery we had a play group for the babies (they sat in bucket seats..we played)
Bunko, a smocking group (poor Brent..he was my first..a boy and I smocked him day gowns til he was WAY too old to wear them 🙂 ), an art group..(we had painting space in a downtown loft WAY before I was “qualified to have one” ha)

Even in high school I never comformed to “A group”

And my current art group..THEY HAVE figured me OUT!

I was always late to our CREATIVE CALL group when it was in Vestavia…sometimes I’d get there..
sometimes not..

and every Wednesday..I am there! Ha

We do what we can…

Click on the title above and visit my “arty friends” at our booksigning this past weekend..thanks so much to those who came!

I am about to embark on a new phenomenon..

We open Crestline Seafood this THURSDAY!
Can’t wait to see you there!


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