We are excited that the store is becoming a reality with the delivery of chairs and tables where we envision you coming to sit, visit, sample some new items, have a bowl of soup in a bread bowl, eat some sushi, have some steamed shrimp…all here in CRESTLINE Village.

We are going into the former Clumpie’s location..a place that we frequented..for ice cream and a destination on evening walks or bike rides in the hot summer.

Our neighborhood loved Clumpie’s as shown in the “SAVE Clumpie’s” campaign put on by kids around the neighborhood who collected their allowance money to help out.

We were not able to purchase the franchise but we hope we have something better…
We have a happYmess ice cream swirl machine that will mix up to eight flavors into your “vanilla swirl”….it makes colorful rainbow edges and dry toppings such as oreos, butterfingers, even pop rocks will help you better understand the HAPPYMESS of ice cream.

We can’t wait to welcome you…watch for the awning to go up in the next week!


Allison and Chad Adams