We’re BACK!

We began a NEW semester this week with 20 people now in the group!

For the upcoming weeks we will dig deeply into the book Saying Yes, Accepting God’s Amazing Invitation to Artists

Our leader, Melanie Morris adds a few comments with:
I’m excited about our studio time next week and think our focus on shells is a great start to the semester. Our books talks about how God was the first artist and there is certainly great artistry in the beauty of shells. I’m already thinking about what I’ll do. I can see a really great close-up of a shell that becomes an abstract painting– which would definitely be new for me. I also can see how shells would provide inspiration for an intricate pen and ink drawing or a loose and colorful collage from tissue paper or magazine photos. If you are new to painting, don’t worry because anything goes – you could even use food coloring to dye sand and create your shell with colored sand.

This weekend some of the artists in the group are heading South..for some creative time with toes in the sand- our SPRING RETREAT.

Check back with us next week as we draw on inspiration from the sea!