Spartan Jam

Spartan Jam for Special Needs Fund Raiser

My son, Brent, who is 15, is helping my community by raising donations for Mountain Brook Special Education Students.

He and a group of local students who “love to rock” will be performing a benefit concert called SPARTAN JAM FOR SPECIAL NEEDS at Mountain Brook Junior High School on Friday May 8th.

Your donation will be presented during the concert.

The money raised for Spartan Jam will be placed in a special fund used to purchase additional services and equipment needed to improve the level of education for our children receiving special education services in elementary thru the high school. Each school in the system has a wish list created and designed to address each child’s personal needs in furthering his or her educational experience.

Please join me. Please help me make this a reality. Let’s give back to the children who need it the most! MAKE YOUR CHECK OUT TO MOUNTAIN BROOK SCHOOLS. Please indicate on your donation check “Spartan Jam for Special Needs”. If you would like to make a corporate donation please call Jeff Shapiro 936-6481or Karen Lusk-Smith C.F.O. at the board of education at 871-4608.

Click on the three icons at the bottom of Youtube to hear him performing some of his original songs.

There will be a group of kids playing as well. This was set up by Jeff Shapiro and we look forward to an awesome performance!

I am working on setting up a blog for them and will have a link hopefully by tomorrow!