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The challenge was to write about the following on FLASHBACK FRIDAY at the website

Here are the upcoming themes: (interpret as broadly as you wish)

January 16: Feeling Red, White & Blue

January 23: This Makes Me Giggle

January 30: Free For All

February 6: Remember It’s Inner Beauty That Counts

February 13: Love, Look at The 2 Of Us

February 20: Free For All

February 27: What I Was Doing X Years Ago, Where “X” = Any Positive Integer

The idea was to re-visit a time in my history…

That theme brought to mind a poem I submitted to the newspaper in Livingston and I thought I was younger, but it was in July of 1988…the year I graduated from college.
It speaks for a continuing cycle of conflict in our world, as we are embarking on similar situations again, some twenty years later…..


Red, White and Blue, Flags, Fireworks.

A Celebration across America.

These are the thoughts that enter my mind
as I pass through the numerous rural towns
on the way to my home.

Threats of war are evident,
but at a time when Americans
could not be bonded any closer.

From sea to sea, American’s celebrate
a love for a country who is strong,
and most of all, loyal to its land.

Not the corruption of our politicians,
the money shortages of our farmers,
nor the oil problems of Texas are
on our minds today.

There is only a feeling of unity and pride-
For a place like no other.

Where the individual is free to choose-
to be what he feels is his own destiny.

A man can choose to be anyone he wishes to be,
but to choose to be an enemy of the U.S.
is to choose to be guest speaker at an opposing rally.

Moral is high in America, so let the leaders of Iran,
Make their choices wisely.

AP July 4, 1988

Commentary: 1/12/09
Tongue in Cheek…I laugh at myself…the seriousness…
the confidence I had in the unity of our land…
my father was a farmer for a short while- plowed fields in rows of limestone
that eventually became the nation’s largest toxic waste dump, Texas experienced
times similar to what we are facing now, and Iran…they still haven’t changed.

I have more realistic ideas about what our country can and can’t do…
and not as much optimism, but still I am grateful that I was born into a land that gives me the right to form any of those opinions, to write about them and to do something to make a change.



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