Painting a Day THE EXPERT

Duane Keiser is the ULTIMATE in painting a day!

Click above to view his latest oil paintings!

I have been painting…not EVERY day but wow what a GREAT challenge to do to get your creativity in motion!
Even if you do NOT meet your goal, it surely gets your creative juices flowing!

I got up the other night at 3:00 am and went down to the paint room…
blasted my tunes (the “big kids” are spending the holiday with their dad so I get full rule of the “creative space” with little complaint).

I cranked out two more and then slipped into bed as the sun was rising.

What a GREAT feeling!

I include the last of the painting a day’s for Allison…
as tomorrow we take our little pumpkin, Ann Kathryn to
the world of Disney in Orlando…
for a fancy holiday “before her holiday”
which will begin on Dec. 26 when we pick up her sisters and brother
to begin our OWN Christmas EVE…

The 27th…my sister’s birthday too!
so Christmas here will last here all the rest of the year!

But the painting will end…maybe, unless I get a chance to do some
brushwork in South Florida, pool-side 🙂

Water Series continues….
Water glass
Swimmers (may have seen before, one of those I “worked on more”)
The wine bottle and glass on abstract

And the painting I did of my sister for her birthday
(party TODAY) at my house so LET ME GET GOING HERE!

It came from a dream….

See you in 2009, as we embark on a new venture!

Crestline Seafood Company
HAPPYMESS ice cream
and a space in Crestline to showcase my artwork!
and watch for a booksigning for Birmingham Sketchbook in Homewood in February.

Paintings still at Wildflower Wax as well, so if you need a last minute gift..
grab one of their candles…they are amazing!