Painting a Day

So the goal has been to do a painting a day…in DECEMBER,
based on inspiration from an innovative artist who said he would paint 365 paintings in a year…
and he proclaimed that he failed…as he only did about 350 (don’t quote me on the number…but get the idea)

And as an artist….

This week has been SO funny as I keep in my mind,
that EACH day I will be working on a painting…

so I include the above two, that I must admit, I had started earlier and not finished, earlier in the year and now they are FINISHED.

(Actually the one with flowers in the girl’s hair I began as a sketch for my sweet husband after we went to France…sorta like the one I started for him of poppies in Italy….it still lies on the floor…almost complete, a collage of tickets and maps from places we have been together…I just kept adding things to it….be looking for THAT one too on this “painting a day” journey.

The other is one on paper of an angel.

Maybe, as artists, we only need BIG deadlines to meet the smaller ones we seem to drop to the side.

The great thing is…
instead of leaving things unfinished, I am completing works “started”…
to me already a success, as it is now December the 5th…
and I came up with this idea on the 2nd….

So as an ENTJ…I feel pretty sure that I will have 25 (I said til Christmas in my original proclamation!) finished paintings….some might be finished just before my art show next week. I can no longer promise the PAINTING A DAY THOUGH, as I started painting a BIRDHOUSE yesterday for my painting of that day…
and I have a frame in line next….

So whatever goal you set for yourself, DON’T get locked into “what if I fail”,
plan to succeed and if you fall short, you may just have done 350 paintings in a year!:) or a birdhouse or two!

Blessings this Christmas for CREATIVITY galore!