As we finished up the book CREATIVE CALL,
we also wrapped up a semester of newly developed friendships…
Throughout this fall we began weaving a support network to help us all in our endeavors in stepping out as a creative vessel for God.
We will not be together for a month or so, but
Here is a link to a great source to keep us all on track

As we step farther into who we really are, we also set ourselves up for
opinions….attitudes about who we are becoming.

Just know that GOD knows it all, he plans it all for us and has brought us all together for a GREATER purpose.

We have so many great strides we have made…starting with simply
proclaiming “I am ARTIST”…
all with tiny baby steps along the way….
with hands held,
with vision shared,
with love extended…acceptance
of us each as we were uniquely made.

I thank God that he has brought each of the people in this group
into my life…

actors, writers, painters, cheerleaders, encouragers…

the positive spirit that lives within this group is something that
cannot ever be explained…

it just IS….and I thank God for it.

Blessings during this season that IS ABOUT HIM…

Let us not forget that our visual creations can do more than look pretty,
they can speak words, they can give meaning, they can feed compassion…

they can speak about who we are, as God’s children.

My prayer for you this holiday season is that you will find a moment or two
to create….to unleash the gift inside you.

Blessings Highland Artists! And thank you for being just who you are!

See you in the Spring!