Alabama Artist Colony

Melanie Morris attended the Alabama Artist Colony workshop at
Lake Martin this past week.

The link to their site is HERE: Artist Colony

We hope it gives you great inspiration.
Melanie will share some of her knowledge in an upcoming meeting.

She studied under Roger Dale Brown, a plein air painter from Nashville who also
happens to be a strong Christian with an incredible story.

He studied art in school, but “got a real job in an optical boutique” and after getting married, moved to California with his wife as she began studying art. He met a muralist by “chance” and began working with him.

He soon found his gift and set GOALS (one of our topics today that we discussed from the Creative Call…along with forgiveness :)). One of his goals was to paint 365 paintings that year (he finished 260) and create 100 studio paintings. He also had a goal of being in a gallery by that October. He was.

He has been painting about 6-8 years now and his work is nationally recognized.

Check out his website with a CLICK HERE

Thanks Melanie for sharing!

He also studied under Scott Christianson (CLICK HERE TO SEE HIS WORK)

Lesson for today?
Take time to learn from other artists…it can change your life.
I began painting with a palette knife 1 year ago this week after Melanie did a demo
(and began this blog 1 year ago as well on this, my annivesary week (Happy Anniversary Chad!))

Do something different. (Melanie introduces us to plein air painting)

Value Christian artists. There IS a difference. Don’t we all want our work to express what we know about Jesus to those who don’t know?

SET GOALS! Begin now with a plan for taking your art to the next level!

Find a GREAT group of like-minded friends and nurture each other until you all SOAR!

Thank you to my awesome creative call group of friends! I love you! Allison

Have a blessed week!