TEENS Driving

This month, my son gets his LEARNER’S PERMIT to DRIVE….

A WILD thought as I AM SO YOUNG 🙂

I heard this song today, from an Allstate commercial…

I remember my first time to drive, in a blue LTD up and down and up
and down and up and down the driveway at home…age 12?

And then on the REAL ROAD in the “Turkey Torino”, a car my neighbor’s dad
let us drive AT 13. I had my first wreck, coming home from school
at age 14~

But I had a “small town advantage”.

I sometimes wish my children could begin now at 12 and 14, but in the city,
there is WAY too much risk…even as passengers with ME driving.

I look forward to taking them down for some FALL drives at the hunting camp
and letting them experience freedom on the roads that wind through the
backwoods, like I used to have.

For those of you with pre-teens…oh the things we have to look forward to…
and reflect on….hoping they will be MUCH WISER than I.