Creative Call Began this WEEK

Every week, for almost three years now…
I have gotten together with a group of incredibly gifted ARTISTS
at my house…

Together we study God’s Word about what it is to be CREATIVE
and on every other week we CREATE.

The website for that can be viewed at HIGHLAND ARTISTS (click here)

We started our fall semester this week with about 15 of us and had
a visitor from FORSTALL’s come share class information and get to know us.

He is an incredibly talented graphic artist who also is on a creative journey
after he lost his twin brother and his wife of 40 years.

To hear his story, how he worked in graphic design for so long and now has quit his job and longs to be an ARTIST full-time (which he IS by the way…and a gifted one at that) is an inspiration.

We invite any “aspiring artist” to put aside ANY hesitation if you feel ART is your calling…if God gives you a nudge…DON’T DENY IT…just run with it!

We provide on the site some workshop tips from our meetings where we often have “guest artists” share their tidbits. Enjoy!