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Janet Sanders Fine Art

Artist Bio

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of drawing constantly and contentedly. For many years I was part of the gifted art student program through the Detroit school system. Through this program, every Saturday would be spent at the Detroit Institute of Arts, sketching from the work of the world’s great artists and of course, as a child, taking it all for granted. Later studies in industrial and environmental design at the now renamed art college, The Center for Creative Studies, honed a talent for perspective and composition that still dominates my paintings. While moving around the country I have studied with several well-known regional artists and am fortunate to have studied with Cheng-Khee Chee who has now become a world-recognized watercolorist.

Several times through the years I quit work as an interior designer, or my work in display, to paint full time. However, I found painting alone so solitary that I would return to outside work. I have finally realized that I most enjoy painting in the company of other artists where I can pass the hours laughing and sharing techniques. Time spent on complicated perspective work can just fly by and I finally can produce enough paintings to share beyond my family and friends. In addition, I frequently travel in a motor- home, where I can carry all my painting supplies, and capture wonderful images from around the country.

Beyond painting, I spend as much time as possible as a docent at the Birmingham Museum of Art, where I especially enjoy sharing my love of art with blind visitors in a special hands-on tour. Working with newly blind patients from the Veterans Hospital who are learning to “see” art with their hands, or touring with children blind from birth, gives one a greater appreciation for the wonders of an art museum. I no longer take for granted being able to enjoy the world’s great artists.