Cultural Alliance- DETAILS

I have gotten a few request for info on the Cultural Alliance Workshops.
These are great opportunities to learn more about how to progress to the next level as an artist.

The first was turning passions into profits.

1) You represent your art, do so ON PURPOSE.
2) Renew contacts with gallery owners, other artists, media, editors.
Keep your name out there… NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK

All of the most current projects I am working on were from just talking to people.
Shannon Lindsay, Publisher for Southern Beauty, was looking for a writer…she asked one person in our group, she gave them my name, and she asked a friend of my sister’s for a name…which was mine (as my sister told her also about how I love to write) and there it was..she had heard my name three times. We talked, I gave her some work for a couple of issues and now she has asked me to be Editor of the SOUL Section.

The publication, Bay Monthly, in Mobile was looking for artist submissions, my friend, Susan Willingham (also an artist) passed me the email address and I submitted. My painting will be in the magazine just as I am having my paintings featured at a local Interior design shop (Merrill Miller’s Interiors- Orange Beach) and in a hot new fashion boutique at the WHARF. This helps THEM as they are mentioned in the magazine for free in my credits section AND it helps they are glad to have my paintings there this month.

WIN -WIN…it always works.

The writing of the book for Birmingham Sketchbook
also came about in a similar “word of mouth” way.

So keep your channels open- in both directions.
As the author, I have also been given the opportunity by the publisher to market the book, set up book signings, etc. In doing this, I have offered for all of the artists to be a part of these signings, so that they too can propel their scope of influence by sharing their artwork and contact information during the signings.

We also have a core group who want to do shows together.

In becoming a serious artist, we need to be good, according to the workshop, at describing what we do.
1) Create an elevator speech…a few sentences to tell what you do and why..capture emotion.
2) Create an artist biography- written
3) Artist statement- What you do and WHY
published articles, clubs, awards, shows, committees

Determine your AUDIENCE
Know their demographics
Price point your art
Know how to reach your audience has incredible info. You can send them a picture of your art and they rate it, tell you what they like, don’t like, how to price.

Attract Sales
at Galleries, Gift Shops, Art Shows, Hosting your own show at your home or business.

At NABO, Natl Assoc. of Business Owners, show there..think outside the box!

Have prices at different levels
Create an emotional connection
Show who you are
Have things to keep people in your booth (coloring for kids?)

HAVE A BUSINESS CARD..with your art on it.
Brochures, postcards…get your pictures out and let them speak..
in your emails…
Portfolios..picture books…do a professional look
Thank you notes with your paintings

Online Print Resources,,,, for invitations are GREAT ones.

Keep these simple

Have a website…blogspot is So easy…
you have no excuse!

Use your name as a logo..on letterhead.. consistent on cards, etc.

Website resources: (can handle purchases of your work) (create an audience) ***the one by the cultural alliance..great for local Bham area
google adwords can upload work for sale

to name a FEW. does t-shirts and mugs of your work.

Copyrighting and watermarks are suggested.

Donate to auctions
Trade with other artists, barter
Buy small ads in publications

P/R is free advertising.
Create events for better sales.
Get exposure.
Calendar listings of events.
Write a press release. Arts editors in the papers, local mags, newspaper.

Consult with Stephen H. Craft, PHD or others for info on setting yourself up as a business. You may be ready for credit card machines, tax withholdings each month for sales, forming an organization…and NOT in that order…

so get serious about what you do and WHO YOU ARE.
You are a unique work of art YOURSELF…
treat yourself and your art that way!

Above info from seminar by Cultural Alliance
led by Michael Bell and Bradford Kachelhofer, The Modern Brand Company, LLC in Bham.

Grants are available and deadline for applications are due May 16, 2008 for
Crafts, Media Arts, Visual Arts, and Interdisciplinary for 2008)
2009- Dance, Theatre, Literary Arts adn Music)

So write them at
or go to the website
to get detailed information and forms.

coming soon