Stuck? Find some Friends to HELP!

I paint with a group. I have found it to be such an incredible thing in my life that I hate it when the semester comes to an end.

This week we met to discuss our book, If you Want to Walk On Water, You Have to Get out of the Boat.

The week before, we set up still life arrangements and painted.
We call ourselves the Highland Artists and have started a BLOG for the group as well.

This past week we took on tulips and apples.

Our discussion really cut deeply….
and asked, “What are you doing with God’s gifts?”
And most importantly… WHY NOT?
Fear is usually the number one reason.
We can’t let fear stop us from achieving all that God set out for us.
So don’t be afraid.
Step out there!

Every person has a different gift to accomplish God’s purpose…
What can you do this week to use yours?

One thought on “Stuck? Find some Friends to HELP!

  1. This is a great group and welcome newcomers with open arms. I am not up to there beautiful styles and knowledge but they are bring me along in such a great way of mentoring and prayer. JW


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