Could you Praise God as you Bury your Two Year Old Child?

I have a new thing in my life…
a man I greatly respect.

As I went through a divorce years ago, our counselor asked me, “who do you respect?” I could not think of one person…except maybe some people I “thought might be respectful” but I didn’t really know.

I have lived my life just going, doing, not taking much time to think about consequences…well… Until the past four years when I began to find myself after starting over.

I changed everything about myself…from the inside out. I found friends who had strong, core values. I found a church that I love to be at every single day of the week… that makes a difference each and every day in the world here in our back yard,abroad and for eternity.This comes from a girl who didn’t even KNOW there was a church in Tuscaloosa when I was there in college…

Then I met my husband…Chad….who honestly was the first man I ever respected. I explain…it’s not ALL men…just all of the ones I have know that I couldn’t respect or trust. A sad but true statement.

At 41 though, I am beginning to see that my trust issues came more from my choices than in men in general. I have found so many God loving leaders in the Church of the Highlands, who stand strong on their faith and give their wives something to look forward to in life.

But before I get too far off subject…back to another person I can say proudly that I respect.
I was in tears listening to this broadcast of Rick Burgess, speaking about the God he loves as he buried his son.

I pray that God pierces your heart as you listen and that you are ready to make changes in your life. It certainly has sent mine in a different direction!


Featured On: MyFoxAL Rick Burgess of the Rick and Bubba show spoke on Tuesday, January 22, 2008, at the memorial of his two-year-old son, William Bronner “Cornbread” Burgess, who died on Saturday after drowning in the family pool.

His speech at the memorial, titled “A Father’s Heart,” was amazing. Not only did Rick have the strength to speak, but his message was incredible… a true testament to the power of God in his life.

Click here to go to YouTube’s broadcast of his speech at the funeral

If you are a Christian, or if you are NOT, it is something you have to hear.
His ability to stand strong for a God he believes in as he buries his two year old son is life changing.

This should be a daily reminder for us to hug our family and tell them we love them each and every day.

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