Do One Thing?

I was once told, pick one thing and stick with it!
by someone in the medical profession. I looked at him, actually glad that a doctor does have that mentality..I’d hate to think he was thinking of his other professions while sewing me up. But I never understood, if we are ALL different, why he would expect ME to be that way?
So I kept looking at my urge to create and I kept saying, “God made me this way” so I stuck with it…and finally in my later life… doing them all.
Writing- Author of Southern XYZ’s, A Gathering of Angels, and most recently, Birmingham Sketchbook.
Artist- Member of highlandartists (see link); member of the gallery in SOHO Square, Homewood, AL; and having a spring art show in Fairhope where I was had a gallery.
Journalist- SOUL Editor for the exciting new magazine Southern Beauty that goes nationwide in March of 2008!
Songwriter- Currently working on a cd of original songs.
Wife and Mother, which as you know is full-time!