Creative Call

Painting with a group can propel you to another level when working on finding your creative style.

In recent years, a group of women artists joined each week to study the book, Creative Call, by Janice Elsheimer. The book provides inspiration so that we may become the artists God made us to be.

Each week we gathered to share information, to encourage each other, to listen to praise and worship music and to explore our gifts of painting- in a attempt to wake up the creative spirit that lives within us.

Goal one is to come to the realization that because we create, we ARE artists.
Our first semester brought us to a comfortable place in our new title as ARTISTS.
Semester two we studied Scribbling In the Sand by Michael Card.

Other books of interest:
The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron

If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat was another source of inspiration that took the group to new levels.

We visited local art events together, shared learning experiences by inviting local artists to do demonstrations and view member artist’s work and techniques.

The group has grown into a close-knit group of friends who are now more than “colleagues” but are friends.
We invite you to check back as we share our creative endeavors with you online.

“Our talents are a gift from God, and I am to use them to fulfill his purposes in my life and his world. I humbly acknowledge and accept my gifts as I ask to receive God’s vision for how I am to use them. I ask the Holy Spirit to free me from self-doubt and self-absorption. I pray this work will bring me into closer alignment with God’s plan for me as I seek to bring my gifts and talents into his light and to become the whole and complete person he intends me to be.” Amen